The air-fluidization tunnel

The air-fluidization tunnel (TOF)

Tunele owiewowe i fluidezacyjne TOF Unidex


The air-fluidization tunnel (TOF) is a device for quick freezing, combining the possibility of freezing products using the fluidisation technology and freezing products on specially designed trolleys. Unidex Tunel owiewowo - fluidyzacyjny

The air-fluidization tunnel is an ideal device for freezing:

shutterstock_156821837.jpg [5.87 MB] shutterstock_769739629.jpg [6.82 MB] shutterstock_1195278640.jpg [10.16 MB]
fruits vegetables mushrooms
shutterstock_324250553.jpg [6.35 MB] shutterstock_302197088.jpg [5.11 MB] shutterstock_1655972008.jpg [8.14 MB]
Herbs fishes and seafood elements of meat
shutterstock_458843284.jpg [1.02 MB] shutterstock_359833403.jpg [12.32 MB] shutterstock_1823288654.jpg [12.02 MB]
packaged food

Technical data of the TOF series of winding and fluidizing tunnels

TOF tunnels
Serie M Serie A
Yield for peas
(+15 -> -18 [°C])
1700 - 3400 [kg/h] 4300 - 12000 [kg/h]
Yield for the strawberry
(+20 -> -18 [°C])
1200 - 2400 [kg/h] 3000 - 8500 [kg/h]
Product freezing capacity on trolleys
to be specified
Refrigerant ammonia - freon - CO2
Circulation of the factor pump or gravity (DX)
Recommended evaporation temperature -40 [°C]
Electric supply 3x400 [V] / 50 [Hz]


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