Spiral tunnels

Spiral tunnels

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Spiral tunnels are a wide range of devices for freezing, cooling or heating products. Each Unidex spiral tunnel is designed according to the customer's individual order, thanks to which we can design a device perfectly prepared for specific requirements and working conditions. Spiral tunnels are the equipment of production plants in the following industries: bakery, meat, delicatessen, ice cream production and many others.

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The spiral tunnel is ideal for freezing, cooling or heating:

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bread delicatessen products pizza
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raw meat processed meat
sweets and cakes
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ice creams packaged food

Technical data of spiral tunnels

Detailed parameters can be found in the table below

Unidex Spiral Tunnels
The width of the tape
400 - 1200 [mm]
Belt material
stainless steel / plastic
left - right (0°, 90°, 180°, 270°)
Refrigerant ammonia - freon - CO2
Circulation of the factor pump or gravity (DX)
Modes of operation freezing, cooling, proofing
Electric supply 3x400 [V] / 50 [Hz]

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Spiral tunnels equipment

The Unidex spiral tunnel consists of:

  • spiral conveyor - it can be equipped with a plastic or stainless-steel belt; the drive system can be both frictional and DirectDrive (Intralox) or PosiDrive (Ashworth); drive realized by a planetary gear,
  • heat exchangers with fans - evaporators, coolers designed depending on the customer's needs,
  • housing made of insulating chilling plates with a floor,
  • electrical installation and control system,
  • CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) cleaning system - depending on the needs.

Spiral tunnels - advantages

Our goal is to design a device that perfectly meets the requirements of our Customers, which is why each Unidex spiral tunnel is an individual project, made after a thorough analysis of the needs, taking into account all technical and technological innovations.

When designing the device, we always focus on obtaining the highest quality of the final product. The spiral tunnel is an ideal device for freezing, cooling or heating, it is often the product of choice because it takes up less space than standard tunnels, so that the space in the production hall can be better used.

At Unidex, we guarantee durability and reliability while reducing electricity and water consumption. We offer the highest quality tunnels at an attractive price, which will help optimize the way of working and reduce operating costs.


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