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The IQF Compact Tunnel (TK series) is a device that works on the same principle as the standard IQF fluidized freezing tunnel. It uses fluidization technology in which air, driven by fans, flows through the evaporator and then through a perforated belt, so that the processed product behaves like a boiling liquid and does not stick to itself. The operation of the tunnel makes it possible to retain the natural and unchanged taste in the form of a frozen, loose and ready-to-pack product! Tunele kompaktowe Unidex z systemem CIP

TK Compact IQF freezer advantages

Smaller size. The TK tunnel is compact, while providing the performance of standard Unidex IQF tunnels.

Short installation time. The entire tunnel assembly process takes place at the Unidex factory — our installers only take 2 to 5 days to install the tunnel at the customer's site.

Mobility. The construction of the tunnel enables very easy transport and disassembly (only 2-5 days), thanks to which the Customer has the opportunity to relocate the device more easily.

Hygiene. Keeping clean is extremely important, the unique design of the TK tunnel allows easy cleaning and disinfection.

The IQF compact tunnel is an ideal device for freezing:

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fruits vegatables mushrooms
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herbs fishes and seafood elements of meat

TK Compact IQF freezer parameters

TK compact IQF tunnels are freezing tunnels with a lower capacity: from 1000 to 3400 kg/h. The refrigerant can be both ammonia NH3 (R717), freon (R404A, R507, R449A) and CO2. They are also characterized by smaller dimensions. These are tunnels ideal for customers starting their adventure with freezing or smaller processors.

All tunnels and their components manufactured by Unidex meet all the necessary standards and directives in force in the European Union, including the provisions of the Office of Technical Inspection and sanitary regulations.

Here are some sample directives:

Pressure Equipment Directive PED (2014/68 / EU)
Machinery Directive (2006/42 / EC) EMC Directive (2014/35 / EU)
Low Voltage Directive (2014/35 / EU)
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) System

TK Compact IQF freezer equipment

The compact IQF Unidex tunnel consists of two main parts - the belt section and the evaporator section. The belt section is divided into two pressure chambers, located under the perforated, modular belt. In each chamber there are fans equipped with frequency converters that enable the control of the fluidization process and the entire freezing process. The evaporator section consists of evaporators designed, calculated and manufactured by Unidex, dedicated to various refrigerants: ammonia, freons and CO2.

A vibrating feeder installed in front of the tunnel is responsible for the continuous distribution of the product and feeds the product directly into the tunnel.

Each Unidex IQF tunnel is also equipped with an external 1st belt cleaning system, which allows periodic or continuous cleaning of the 1st belt during freezing - without stopping production.

UDS is a system that is used to remove frost from evaporators, using a blast of compressed air. Each evaporator has a compressed air tank to support it with air nozzles positioned to remove frost, snow and ice from between the evaporator fins. The entire UDS system is controlled automatically by the tunnel computer. Thanks to the use of the UDS system and the external belt cleaning system, it is possible to operate the tunnel for up to 22 hours between defrosts.

The control touch-panel is located on the door of the control cabinet and allows precise control over all components of the tunnel without the need to enter its interior.

The tunnel can also be equipped with an additional CIP (Cleaning-In-Place) system, sequential defrosting system or remote access system.

IQF compact tunnel Serie TK
Yield for peas
(+15 -> -18 [°C])
1700 - 3400 [kg/h]
Yield for the strawberry
(+20 -> -18 [°C])
1200 - 2400 [kg/h]
Refrigerant ammonia - freon - CO2
Circulation of the factor pump or gravity (DX)
Recommended evaporation temperature -40 [°C]
Electric supply 3x400 [V] / 50 [Hz]


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